Motul de San Jose Regional Archaeological Project

From summer 2014 to spring 2016 I worked as the survey manager and GIS technician for the Motul de San Jose Regional Archaeology Project. I spent the summers of 2014 and 2015 mapping archaeological features and excavations in Guatemala while doing the GIS work during the off season.

2014 Report Spanish

2015 Report

2015 Report Figures



01- Region Map03 - se transect

09 - measuring features

In order to map excavations, I operated a tablet connected to a high-end GPS receiver, operated by my associate, and worked with the supervising archaeologist to annotate each recorded point according to their operation’s nomenclature. The following images show how I chose to map archaeological structures at three spatial scales in order to provide both the smaller details and broader context of each excavation.

Mapping.JPGMap of OperationsOp 11 Map